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Mita Residential Luxury Vacation


Mita Residential is dedicated to ensuring that your UAVI Residence offers the best return on your investment, through an exclusive holiday rental platform for our community.

UAVI Gestión de residencias

For investment properties, we understand that maximizing profitability and guaranteeing that your home is maintained in pristine condition are top priorities.

  • We work with top industry leading suppliers and vendors
  • We offer a solid understanding of the value or your home on the vacation rental market
Gestion de Residencias Gestión de Residencias

The Property Management service is custom designed to satisfy the specific needs for each homeowner.

  • Reservation management tailored to you
  • Cleaning management
  • Maintenance and repairs
Mantenimiento Costos de Mantenimiento

Dedicated to providing a luxurious experience for our customers

  • We offer exclusive six month extended rates for our property management service
  • Price your property rental rates using technology-driven solutions created to maximize occupancy level
  • Provide detailed reporting of revenues and expenses
Servicio de administración de propiedades Dedicados a brindar una experiencia de lujo