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Mita Residential Luxury Vacation

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Mita Residential is dedicated to making sure that your UAVI Residence can give you a return on your investment, through an exclusive holiday rental platform for our community.

UAVI Gestión de residencias

For investment properties, we understand that maximizing profitability is a priority

  • We work with leading suppliers aligned with your capital gains
  • Providing a solid knowledge of the local rental market
Gestion de Residencias Gestión de Residencias

The property management service is custom-designed to satisfy the specific needs of each homeowner

  • We make a reservation management tailored to your specific needs
  • Cleaning management
  • Maintenance and repairs
Mantenimiento Costos de Mantenimiento

Dedicated to providing a luxurious experience for our customers

  • Exclusive six month rates extend, for our property management service.
Servicio de administración de propiedades Dedicados a brindar una experiencia de lujo

Specific rates for your residence, established by our driven technology solutions

  • Improve occupancy and rates
  • We provide constant detailed reports of revenue and expenses for you.
Informes financieros Mantenimiento y reparaciones